Metal Forming

At Ace Precision, skilled technicians use conventional and unconventional tools to form nickel and cobalt based alloys, stainless steels, and aluminum. We design and manufacture all form tooling, which facilitates faster development times, more consistent quality, and lower costs, while our design engineers possess a wealth of experience and knowledge that provides customers with cost savings and quality improvement options. 


Our in-house capabilities include twin 15" diameter hydro-form machines generating 10,000 PSI each. A maximum diameter blank size of 15" can be formed in house. Larger parts with blank diameters up to 32" can be formed by one of our close outside suppliers. Benefits of hydro-forming include: economical tooling, efficient production rates, and the ability to hold close tolerances on a variety of intricate shapes. Materials can be drawn slowly allowing the material to flow, which helps avoid cracking and tearing. Generally, our parts have two draws and an in-process anneal to set the material.      

Expansion Forming

Ace Precision has seven expansion forming machines. Expansion forming produces shapes in cylindrical parts with tight radii using containments, and optimizes material utilization by minimizing drop off that other forming methods produce. This method of forming produces close tolerances in profiles, concentricity, diameters, and roundness with no tool marks.

The working envelope of expansion forming at Ace Precision is 3" to 36" diameters with heights ranging from under 1" to 36".


We maintain two roll forming machines that produce coined radii on cylindrical parts. These machines are capable of rolling material thicknesses up to .090 in aerospace alloys. Roll forming typically allows for low tooling costs, quick set up times, higher production rates and excellent part-to-part consistency.  

Hydraulic Press Forming

Our hydraulic presses have maximum capacity of 300 tons and a working envelope of 36"x36"x36". Hydraulic presses are used for punching, extruding, flattening, flaring, and draw forming. These machines are outfitted with quick-change, interchangeable tooling that facilitates reduced set up times and improves machine utilization and efficiency.


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