Multi-axis Laser Services

Ace Precision utilizes modern CNC controlled lasers with up to 8-axis of simultaneous motions. The integrated software on these machines manages gas flows, power levels, feed rates, rotation, part movement, and machine articulation and capabilities include cutting, hole drilling, and welding—while holding close tolerances on turbine engine components made from nickel and cobalt alloys, stainless steel, and aluminum.

Lasers are programmed with the latest software to get the most efficient cut path and material utilization. This software takes geometry from the engineering CAD model and creates the cutting path for the machines in both 2D and 3D.

Laser processes are accredited by NADCAP and OEM customers.

Co2 Lasers

We operate five Co2 Lasers ranging from 1700 to 4000 Watts, capable of cutting, trimming, welding, and hole drilling in a working envelope up to 96"x72"x36". The Co2 lasers are equipped with rotary tables and programmed in 6 to 8-axis of simultaneous motion.

The Prima Syncrono Flat 2D cutter can handle a 48 x 120 sheet with a shuttle system, and is equipped with a 4000 Watt Co2 laser capable of cutting up to 3/8 thick materials, with acceleration speeds up to 6g's. 


YAG Lasers 

Our five YAG lasers, ranging from 20 to 50 KW, are capable of drilling effusion cooled holes in very dense patterns at shallow angles holding hole diameter tolerances of less than .002. Methods of achieving these effusion-cooled holes are: deep hole drilling, percussion drilling, trepan drilling, and drilling on the fly. Drilling can be performed after Thermal Barrier Coating has been applied. The working envelope of these YAG lasers is 80x40x40, and each laser is equipped with dual rotary tables that allow for improved set up times and machine utilization/efficiency. 

Airflow Inspection

Ace Precision is equipped with airflow benches to inspect the Effective Flow Area on turbine engine combustors and other hot section components, which is a requirement in today's laser drilling process.



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