Client Testimonials

We regularly ask our business partners how we can improve our service, and their feedback and insight help drive our business—from the solutions we provide, to the investments we make in technology and people. In survey after survey, our clients continually give us high marks for customer satisfaction, including:

"I've only been in a position to work with Ace for about 2 months, but their responsiveness and quality has been excellent. They always find a way to deliver the best product even in unforeseen circumstances and have been a pleasure to work with." - 2016
"Ace has always delivered a quality product on the contracted date. They are professional in their approach to current and future business." - 2016
"Very customer focused with great quality and turn time." - 2016
"Ace is a very professional company that we really enjoy working with. We like the technical expertise and your commitment to quality, on-time delivery and customer service." - 2016
"Ace is a great company that strives hard to maintain high standards of quality, performance, product knowledge and communication." - 2015
"Willingness to work as a team to resolve matters." - 2015
"High level of quality and responsiveness to customer needs." - 2015
"Ace takes a very methodical approach to solving manufacturing problems and delivers top notch solutions that meet or exceed customer expectations." - 2013
"Ace seems to be very well organized and shows genuine care towards the customer." - 2013
"Technical expertise. Willing to work with their customers to achieve the best possible outcome." - 2013
"Leadership understands the product, manufacturing techniques, and processes required to manufacture something." -2012
"I am not talking to a wall when I discuss problems and resolution with the Ace team. They get it!" -2012
"I don't have to engineer the development of repairs or details for them. They provide the complete service. All we have to do is provide a brief statement of work scope and approve the final result." -2012
"Very professional team that is customer oriented and strives to deliver a quality product." -2012
"They come up with solutions." -2012
"Customer support is always helpful in providing information and delivery times." -2012
"The continuous improvement attitude of Ace's staff—they are not happy with the status quo, they go the extra yard to ensure a robust high value product." -2012
"The communication is quick and the follow-through consistent." -2012
"Very good technical approach towards the product and getting technical issues resolved quickly, reducing or eliminating possible delivery issues." -2012
"Always committed to work with customer on the implementation of new programs in the supply base." -2012
"Great technical capability. Equipment is exceptional. Staff is eager to please." -2012


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