Power Generation

Ace Precision supports large industrial aeroderivative and microturbine markets by specializing in the manufacturing of advanced combustion liners and fuel delivery components. Our ability to manufacture complex assemblies using our vertically integrated process capabilities sets us apart from the competition.

Power Generation Parts

Ace Precision manufactures the following products for the power generation industry:

  • Combustion Liners
  • Primary Fuel Nozzles
  • Secondary Fuel Nozzles
  • Fuel Housings
  • Sheet Metal Details

Experienced and Collaborative

Our experienced engineering team collaborates with customers, like Siemens, Capstone and Woodward, to identify design and process improvements that result in better quality, reduced lead times, and cost savings. We provide enhanced value while maintaining product fit, form and function.

Our Capabilities

Ace Precision works with a wide variety of materials, including aluminum, nickel, and cobalt-based high temperature alloys in sheet stock, castings and forging material forms. We are able to take on the most difficult challenges by maintaining total control over the quality and turnaround time utilizing our in-house machining, metal joining, heat treating, laser, and coatings process capabilities. Please see “Capabilities” for specific insight into the processes performed by our highly skilled workforce.

Ace Precision Capabilities

Ace Precision is truly your one-stop source for your manufacturing and remanufacturing needs. Using state of the art equipment, our staff combines discipline and creativity to deliver powerful results. Almost nothing is outsourced! Because Ace Precision capabilities encompass all areas of metal forming, fabrication and testing, we maintain process control from start to finish.

CNC Machining

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E-Beam Welding

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Engineered Coatings

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Metal Joining

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Nonconventional Machining

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Process Engineering

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Quality System

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Thermal Processing

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